About Me

After crafting my first batch of soap out of pure creative curiosity, my passion was unlocked for bringing the best quality handmade soap and skin care to as many people as possible. I personally felt the benefits of using handmade soap, and after taking a look at the amount of unpronounceable ingredients that go into mass produced products, it was no wonder why.

I take the small batch approach for my cold process soaps to ensure the quality of each bar. Every batch is designed with the body in mind and the ingredients are carefully curated to blend perfectly together. I love discovering the many properties of my ingredients and finding the perfect balance in each bar to harness the many benefits that they provide. Whether you are looking for exfoliation, acne treatment, anti-inflammatory, gentle aromatherapy, or a gift for a friend, there is a bar to suit every need.

I am always looking for new inspiration to create so please reach out with any suggestions, custom orders, skin conditions, or allergy concerns; I would love to craft something unique just for you!